Another Play-Off Game

January 14, 2012

Today is another day for NFL play-offs and for many of us who live in Colorado, we’re eagerly awaiting Saturday evening’s game between the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots. 

According to a recent survey of sprots fans, Tim Tebow was the favorite active athelete – ahead of Kobe Bryant, Peytaon Manning, and Aaron Rogers. 

So in honor of the game, we thought we’d highlight an article by a fellow Millennial and colleague regarding the Tebow phenomenon.  Here’s an excerpt: 

As an evangelical Christian, like Tebow, I am called to share my faith with others – that’s why we call it the “good news.” Sometimes, that can be a daunting responsibility – the Bible tells us that the way of Jesus can be offensive to those who don’t know Him. But there was an openness to hearing the Gospel all around me and my friends Sunday, as complete strangers asked us, in the midst of the game’s tensest moments, if we “pray like Tebow does” when circumstances turn challenging. (This is as good a place as any to point out that Tebow is hardly the only, or even the most outspoken, follower of Christ in pro football. Devout Christians suit up every weekend for every team in the NFL.)

But you should read the whole article here.

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