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Tree Hugging and Environmental Stewardship

Rising Voice Staff

by Analicia “Gabi” Guerrero

Before my last year of high school, I took little notice of the environment. My family recycled, but beyond that, I didn’t give much thought to environmental issues. All that changed when I decided to take an Environmental Science course my senior year, mainly because it came with the option of college credit. I’ve never liked science but this course completely changed my view of how we manage resources. To this day, it is the hardest course I have ever taken. My teacher worked us hard and when semester break came we all begged our counselors to let us drop the class. The answer was “no” because, well, the class would have been empty if they let us do that. Turns out, that ended up being my favorite class and I graduated thinking that in some way I was going to find a job to help protect our environment. Read More »

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7 Billion People

Rising Voice Staff

Is the amount of people on the earth a problem?  What about 7 billion people? 

The United Nations has marked October 31, 2011, as the day the global population scale will tip the 7 billion mark. But you won’t feel the weight of the world shift just yet. The U.S. Census Bureau’s World Population Clock has “Baby 7 Billion” arriving closer to March 1, 2012.

Read more at the National Review Online.

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Climate Theory Wars and What It Means for You

Rising Voice Staff

by Jenny Abel

Last week, a column and related video called “The Other Climate Theory” ran in the Wall Street Journal, garnering a generous number of hits. The story described new findings by physicists in Europe—funded by the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN—that may reveal a factor in climate change (“cosmic rays”) hitherto unconsidered in the pervading climate models. Read More »

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Political Engagement for the Pessimist

Rising Voice Staff

It’s easy for me to become cynical as I watch our economic compass continue to point south. And the recent debt ceiling deal did nothing to lift my spirits. But I’m not alone. Failures at the federal level to address an ailing economy are virtually expected now by the public. Even online polls are rhetorical and bitter: An overwhelming majority of Americans believe we’re headed in the wrong direction. Such questions would never be polled if we weren’t. It’s like asking if our nation’s schools are in dire shape just after reporting on the dropout rate in Detroit.

But political engagement demands more than forwarding emails, voting on online surveys and calling for the ousting of those in Washington on Facebook. It requires the correct perspective. In I Thessalonians 5:21, Paul  provides hope, and advises the new church: Test everything. Hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil. So how could this apply to the political context? A few thoughts. Read More »

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July, 2010: The Environment

It seems like everywhere you look, it’s trendy to be green. From hybrid cars lining up at award ceremonies to stores selling reusable grocery bags checkout line, the environmental movement has seemingly swept the nation.

Yet, caring for the environment is far more important than a passing trend. Case in point: the BP oil spill.  For the past few months we’ve watched countless images of the spill’s devastating impact on the Gulf Coast region.  We’ve seen that, when our environment suffers, ecosystems, animals, and people suffer.

How we treat the environment impacts lives and it also reflects what we believe about God’s creation. That’s why this month on Rising Voice – leaving aside politics, agendas and fads – we’re carefully considering what the Bible has to say about humanity’s stewardship of the earth that God’s made.

There are so many ways we can conserve our world’s precious resources and we hope that by laying a biblical foundation, we can discover guiding principles that will help us practically live out respect for God’s creation.  And by applying such a principle-driven approach to the environment, we hope to honor the God who created it.

Join us as we engage in an open and respectful dialogue on a tough topic and learn with us about the many practical ways we can wisely steward God’s creation.

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Did You Know

Some people consider global warming is one of the most pressing issues of our time. And the reliability of data used to document temperature trends is of great importance in this debate.  Some researchers have found that 89 percent of the climate monitoring stations – nearly 9 of every 10 – fail to meet the National Weather Service’s own placement requirements.  In other words, 9 out of 10 are likely to report higher or rising temperatures because they’re badly placed. That’s important because it can fundamentally alter the way we look at global warming over the last century.

Sadly, billions of people in poor countries still do not have access to energy. For example, India’s per capita consumption of electricity is one-twentieth that of the United States.  Hundreds of millions of people in India live “off the grid”—that is, without electricity—and many still use cow dung as a fuel for household cooking, a practice that contributes to half a million premature deaths every year. This continuing reliance on preindustrial energy sources is also one of the major causes of environmental degradation.

As Scripture teaches in Genesis, humans were formed from the dust of the earth, which ties us closely to the world we inhabit.  God also calls us to tend and use the earth wisely.

As followers of Christ, we remember that God has made humans for his eternal purpose and has given us an earthly home to tend and care for and to be sustained by for a time. As a consequence, Biblical revelation provides a sound basis for wise creation stewardship. Our lifestyles should be designed to empower individuals to both wisely care for the natural world and liberate themselves from poverty and oppression.

Scripture proclaims that human beings are created in the image of God, given a privileged place among creatures, and commanded to exercise stewardship over the Earth.

Dig Deeper

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A Renewed Call to Truth, Prudence, and Protection of the Poor

A summary of a longer document from the Cornwall Alliance that discusses a biblical response to climate change.

How do we know global warming is a problem if we can’t trust the U.S. temperature record?
A scientist examines the scientific accuracy for determining global temperature trends.

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We Get It

Cornwall Alliance

Resources from Albert Mohler

Care of Creation

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Millennial of the Month

Jonathan Merritt is a 20-something who has written extensively about faith and culture. Most recently, he has written a book called Green Like God: Unlocking the Divine Plan for Our Planet. He graciously agreed to answer a few questions for Rising Voice. Click here to check out the interview.

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