About Us

Rising Voice is an outreach to millennials who want to help transform the culture. We provide resources that equip young adults to live out their Bible-based faith in a way that tangibly helps others.

Rising Voice is more than just a millennial outreach – we’re also a group of young adults, led by young adults. Our team of twenty-somethings is a reflection of the millennial generation at large: We’re passionate about life, we’re learning as we go and we’re eager to share what we learn. Most importantly, though, we believe that, working together, we can help make this world a better place for all.

We also recognize that understanding the social issues behind the headlines and helping end injustice is no small job. There are no easy solutions, and sometimes it can be pretty overwhelming to know what to, who to trust or how to start.
That’s where Rising Voice comes in.

What we do…

As an initiative of CitizenLink, an affiliate of Focus on the Family, Rising Voice’s goal is to give millennials a community where they can learn about a wide variety of social and policy issues. Because education is the springboard for informed, intelligent engagement, Rising Voice is a place where young adults are empowered to take action – and make a difference.

We’re here to…

Rising Voice is a place to connect with individuals, groups and organizations to expand our impact in our communities and world.

Rising Voice is a place to learn together about the tough issues of our day, as we examine relevant stories, insights and opportunities about the cultural concerns we face.

Rising Voice is a place to inspire action. Together, we can make a difference by volunteering time, donating money, sharing our passion with friends and always looking for new ways to help.

At Rising Voice, we are motivated to do what we do because of what we believe…

We believe that human life, at every stage, is sacred and valuable – and we have a God-given duty to nurture, protect and defend it.

That’s why we want to make sure our commitment to loving others goes beyond talk. While dialoguing about the issues that matter is certainly important, for change to occur, we ultimately must be driven to action. True love demands that people get educated, connect with others who care and get involved.

We believe God works through individuals. This means we are the best agent for change in this world! After all, individuals, families and communities can care for others at a human level, love their neighbors and inspire those who are discouraged to continue pressing forward and overcome.

We also believe that God has uniquely gifted every person to be part of the solution.  We may not all be wired to help in the same way, but, from educating others to volunteering at the grassroots level, to advocating for better policies or using the arts to help raise awareness, all of us have an important role to play. So, we strive to give millennials a variety of different ways they can get involved.

Lastly, we believe that how we engage the culture is as important as what we do in the culture. Because of our Christian faith, we understand that God created and loves everyone – whether they agree with us or not. This insight compels us to value those who may stand on the other side of the issues we care so deeply about. It inspires us to get involved in a way that is both passionate and respectful, and that puts principles above politics.

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